Tales of The Rays - The Rays Of Festival begins! Free Multis, Crossover Poll and Event Explanation!

A lot to juggle!

The latest event just started in Tales of The Rays, but it's nothing like any previous event. There's a big schedule and a lot to cover, so read on!

The Rays of Festival has just begun in Tales of The Rays. This isn't a normal event by any means. In the first place there's no new character debuts, the focus is entirely on characters already in Rays to get the spotlight. So if you've been playing a while, it's a good opportunity to use some characters you've equipped before again. That said, we are getting new Mirrage Artes. If you haven't been keeping up with the previews, then as a reminder, we're getting Crossover Mirrage Artes! The pairings for this first batch are Mithos and LloydEizen and Edna and Ruca and Spada! Their Mirrage Arte previews will be at the end of this article. Bandai Namco has also uploaded 3D recreations of their scenes in Rays, which will also be at the end.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of everything happening, here's the full schedule of things for this event. In addition to The Rays of Festival, the Duke Raid has rerun. Since the festival itself does not cost any AP, the Duke Raid (which provides festival tickets) should be where your AP is spent. There is also currently a Reduced AP Campaign for skill quests! All Skill quests will cost 1 AP as opposed to the usual 40, so here's your chance to do those! You must complete Skill Quests to unlock a character's second skit so it's quite valuable. By the way, there is a special banner that provides a Daily Free Multi for all featured Rays Fes characters, so make sure to roll on that!

Event: The Rays Of Festival Start Times End Times
The Rays Of Festival Poll July 22nd, 14:00 JST  July 26th, 23:59 JST
Duke Raid Rerun  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  July 31st, 10:59 JST
The Rays of Festival Daily Free Multis  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  July 26th, 23:59 JST
Crossover Mirrage Arte Banner  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  July 31st, 23:59 JST
Duke Raid Rerun Banner  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  July 31st, 10:59 JST
The Rays of Festival Tickets  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  August 14th, 10:59 JST
Duke Raid Tickets  July 22nd, 14:00 JST  August 7th, 10:59 JST

There's also going to be another round of carnivals! They'll come with a newly introduced gift type that provides an even higher bonus than the red gift boxes we've had for a while, so be sure to catch the carnival for those as well as the dia! Here's the Carnival Schedule.

July 2020 Carnival Start Times End Times
July 23rd, 11:00 JST July 23rd, 13:59 JST
July 23rd, 21:00 JST July 23rd, 23:59 JST
July 24th, 21:00 JST July 24th, 13:59 JST
July 24th, 11:00 JST July 24th, 23:59 JST
July 25th, 21:00 JST July 25th, 13:59 JST
July 25th, 11:00 JST July 25th, 23:59 JST
July 26th, 21:00 JST July 26th, 13:59 JST
July 26th, 11:00 JST July 26th, 23:59 JST

Alright, let's get into this Rays Festival business. This event isn't just to celebrate those characters getting new artes. It'll also act as a poll of sorts for which pairings will have new Mirrage Artes. There are 6 pairings of possible candidates for Crossover Mirrage Artes, and playing the event will help decide who wins. The theme this time is Characters who share artes! Here are the 6 pairings, plus which arte they will be using together, should they win! An explanation of the event itself is below this list too, so if you're looking for that, keep scrolling.

Loni and Malik using Tremorous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light Of Cyclonic Butchery!

Luke and Eugene using Light Blast!

Estelle and Philia using Sacred Penance!

Cress and Kohaku using Final Fury!

Reid and Sheena using Cyclone Seal! (Those who played Eternia's original translation may remember it as Omega Seal but rest assured, it is the same arte)

Leia and Alisha using Soulstoke Celebration!

Now for the poll itself. It'll be split into Two Rounds. The first will decide the first and second place winners. The second will decide the third place winner. Those 3 pairings will be given Crossover Mirrage Artes, presumably combining the artes they already share, and they will release together at some point in the feature. So how do we vote? First you enter the event, and touch this big ol' banner here...

Then you're given the option to pick your personal top 3. Your first choice will be where most of your points go to, your second choice the second most, and likewise least points for third place. Obviously, pairings you don't select will not receive any of your points.

After this, you can do the event. If you want to redo your choices select the gray button on the bottom left. The green button on the bottom left lets you check your current rewards. The gold button on the top right lets you check the current results. Once you're done, start the event by selecting the green button on the bottom right. The 3 circles shown under the button are your attempts remaining. You have 3 attempts a day for the event duration, and can spend dia or mirrogems for more. Those will only rewrite your free attempts if you score higher, however.

Now you pick your team. Pick whoever you want for your helper, since their bonus doesn't seem to be counted for this event. Your team will be counted. Unlike the usual event format where format is based on how well equipped your characters are, there's a flat bonus to featured characters this time around. The opponent does not fight back at all, so don't worry about healers or stats. There's also a Festival Bonus that seems to be increased by having a Crossover Mirrage Arte, but it's not necessary to play the event.

Now for the fight itself. It'll be a different opponent every day. They do not have any HP nor do they attack. You have one minute to score as high as possible. You'll be graded on 3 things, which are shown on the top right.
Distance The Enemy Is Knocked Back
Total Time The Enemy Spends In The Air
Total Damage

Aggressive AI will easily inflict a lot of damage, and Mirrage Artes freeze the timer letting you do even more, so that's the easiest to get points on. The hardest is knockback, since the enemy will stop moving once they hit the wall. I suggest focusing on air time, which means doing as many artes that launch as possible and prevent the enemy from hitting the ground. After time runs out, you'll be rewarded with a certain amount of Grade.

After a few taps, you'll be taken to a screen that assigns you a rank based on your Grade.

Long story short, pick your highest bonus team that is able to keep enemies juggled the longest! Experiment with strategies! The more points you earn, the more you'll contribute to your Top 3 choices. That's how they decide the winners of the event! Try your best because only 3 tries a day are free, but make sure you use those attempts because getting a low score contributes a lot more than not doing the event at all.

That's about it for the Festival quest itself. Remember to spend your AP on Duke's raid since it gives Festival tickets as well! Finally, the Mirrage Arte Previews and scene recreations are below.

Mithos and Lloyd

This scene happened in Arc 2. Mithos and Lloyd finally reach a mutual understanding and shake hands, resolving their differences peacefully.

Ruca and Spada

This scene also happened in Arc 2. Ruca rescues Spada, proving the bond from their past lives still persists.

and Edna

This scene happened in the Joyful Nor Doll event in arc 1, so we got to see this officially in English! Edna and Eizen finally reunite and get to peacefully coexist with Edna no longer being affected by the Reaper's Curse.

That's it for this event. Keep an eye out for more upcoming news- after all, arc 3 is going to conclude soon and there's still one more event left in July!

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