Tales of Orchestra Concert To Be Held As Scheduled With Less Than 50% Capacity Due To COVID-19

But is it safe though?

Looks like this year's Tales of Orchestra Concert is still happening.

Announced last January, this year's Tales of Orchestra Concert, fully named as "Tales of Orchestra Concert 2020 ~25th Anniversary~" which is supposed to be held this September 5th is... well, still happening.

From the announcement, Bandai Namco will be doing precautions to avoid transmission of the COVID-19 disease, such as rearranging the seating plan to implement social distancing and to allow only around less than 50% of the venue capacity to attend.

Those who have already purchased the tickets will be able to use them, but refunds may be given to those who will opt to no longer attend. They do plan to release footage of the event at a later date for sale (probably the usual DVD or Bluray coverage they do for Tales of Festival) for those who would still like to see the event.

Infection control measures being requested of attendees include:

  • Ensure you are healthy and afebrile before coming to the venue (so... you check your temperature yourself?
  • If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms, please refrain from attending. 
  • Masks are required for entry into the venue.
  • Observe proper hand washing, use of disinfectants provided, and cough etiquette.
  • Please practice social distancing at the venue such as along the line. 
  • Contact staff if you are already at the venue and you feel unwell. If so, you may be required to leave the venue depending on your symptoms. 
  • If you are a.) someone who has had extensive contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients, b.) living with family or friends who are COVID-19 suspects, c.) someone who has traveled to a country or region where the government has restricted travel to or contact with someone who has the past 14 days or d.) an elderly person or with illnesses that may turn COVID-19 into a serious infection (i.e. diabetes), please refrain from attending the event. 

As a facility, infection control measures to be done at the event include:

  • Antiseptic dispensers will be installed at the theater entrance, lobby, toilet, etc.
  • Alcoholic disinfection of handrails, toilets, etc.
  • Proper ventilation equipment to be installed
  • The use of the hand dryer in the toilet will be discontinued
  • The smoking area inside the building will be closed for the time being in order to avoid a closed space with poor ventilation and a place where many people can crowd in. 
  • The resting chairs in the aisles and lobby will be thinned or separated to secure social distance.

The Tales of Orchestra Concert 2020 ~25th Anniversary~ will be held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall on September 5, 2020. Curtains will open at 2PM JST, and the event proper starts at 3PM JST.

Given the measures, do you think it's safe enough to attend such a big event?

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