UPDATED: Tales of Berseria Digital Pre-Order Bonuses and Demo for US and Europe, 9 Minutes of English Dub Gameplay

Tales of Berseria demo available on January 10th, 2017 for both the PS4 & Steam. New dubbed video released as well. UPDATE: Bandai Namco talks about the censorship issue.

There will be a playable demo for the localized version of Tales of Berseria available on January 10th, 2017 on the PS4 and Steam. We've received word from Bandai Namco that both North America & Europe will receive the demo on this day.

Bandai Namco also announced several preorder bonuses on both platforms for Europe. If you preorder on Steam and own either Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Zestiria in your library, you'll get 10% off your preorder. On the PS4, you will get an exclusive PS4 theme featuring the Tales of Berseria characters and 3 soundtracks from the game. A 15 minute skit video will also be unlocked if you preorder from either platform. We'll confirm with the U.S. branch if the bonuses are similar.

The Steam release will also support 60 FPS, just like the PS4 version.

Along with this news, Bandai Namco released a 9 Minute video featuring the game's dub. The video does contain spoilers, so watch at your own risk.

Regarding the "censored" part:

Those who have played the Japanese version may have noticed that a particular scene in the game has been...heavily altered. Bandai Namco has personally made a statement on this issue on their Facebook page:


Tales of Berseria will be released on January 24, 2017 for North America for the PS4 and January 27, 2017 for Europe for the PS4 and worldwide for PC Digital via Steam.

The PS4 version has a Collector's Edition available for the North America and Europe regions, pre-orders are at the following shops:

Regular versions of the game can be bought at the following shops:

Tales of Berseria
Tales of BerseriaTales of Berseria is the latest mothership title of the Tales of Series which was first announced during Tales of Festival 2015. The game was released for both the PS3 and PS4 on August 18, 2016 in Japan, January 24, 2017 in North America and January 27, 2017 in Europe for the PS4 and PC. The game features a female protagonist named Velvet and a theme of pirates and ships. It's also confirmed as a distant prequel to Tales of Zestiria.

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  • Ahmad Arzmi

    Did they seriously changed Artorius' name to Arthur?

    • Crahlo

      They actually say both. They do this in the japanese version too.

      • Ahmad Arzmi

        Oh, that explains it.

    • a745

      They didn't, but it'd sort of be a spoiler if I explain it.

    • Zerkion

      No, he goes by both. If you watch the video to the end, he calls himself Artorius.

  • Point_Blank

    You mean... January 10th, 2017.

    • PanbanRichard

      Whoops, fixed.

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  • Mitriiko

    So excited that we get to hear more of the dub X3 Cristina Vee is one of my favourite VAs

  • MT

    Bamco always goes over the top with their top notch voice acting. Kudos to them as always.

    • Marths

      True. Up until now, Tales of seiyuus never let me down...
      US VA... mmmm do not know what to say...

      • MT

        English VA in games can be hit and miss depending on the game company, but I find that Bamco does a pretty good job with their English VA's. It certainly improved over the past few years, But it's all a matter of taste I suppose.

      • Shut Up

        You don't know what to say because you're a weeb.

  • Kurisu

    They had go to and censor the sacrifice scene. Great

    • MT

      I'm curious as to why the did that. Anyone have any guesses or did Bamco state anything to their reasoning?

      • Jude Mathis

        It may be due to child killing (or stabbing of said child) so they can keep the teen rating, but that didn't really stop Xillia 2. At this point I don't question Bamcos choices. Remember Hearts R?

        • Zeonis

          I have not played Hearts R yet but to what are you referring to?

          • Izok

            Probably he's referring to either Hearts R not being released with a dub or its questionable translation quality.

    • Max Dagger

      Watched the orignal and the "localized" version side by side. Original felt pretty bad ass. Localized version (although kuddos on the editing job, much better than Nintendo) didn't felt as impacting or impressive as the original.

  • Censored


    Don't buy this censored garbage and cancel your preorders.

    • Zeonis

      Just because one scene is censored/changed does not make it garbage and I am still buying the Collector's Edition day one.

    • Censored is a stupid username

      Don't be a buffoon. It's not like the entire game has been neutered into a kindergarden kids show.

    • Point_Blank

      On Censored version I'm like... "Too much yellow."
      On Original version I'm like... "I. HATE. ARTHUR."
      I will always prefer the Original version, but luckily is just the Prologue, so that after an hour, I can forget it happen.

    • Dragon Kurask

      To be honest, I really don't care if this is censored or not. I understand why, but I remember seeing this scene in the Tales of Zestiria the X anime so if you want to watch this scene (may be mildly different details i dont know yet) just watch that.

  • a745

    Random: Well, this post blew up.

  • Shon

    Great they just had to cen their game (And the info they provide was nothing new either for greedy companies), does anyone know if it just the EU version or any western version which got Cen?

    Also can someone from the staff here inform Namco/tales studio that their collector edition strategy this time around hurt buyers?

    So far I kept preordered their CE versions ever since TOG F (Well TOGF had special edition but it still was pre order only iirc back at the day), I had to go with the EU versions for TOX1 and 2 (TOX1 CE was the worse so far for the EU compared to the US since they just start the CE thing in the west and informed the buyers on the changes in the last minute if at all) and for TOS which had zero DLCs (and was able to ship to my country) I was able to get the US version (Yayyy), Thankfully they kept their TOS CE format (for newer titles) so the box was small and didn't had any shipping issues on random places However in the EU since TOS's and TOZ's CEs they start to make different CE for almost each region... mean that unlike the past if I will order the CE from let say Germany I will get the box, manual, etc (aside the game disk) in German language Which I don't want, so that limit me to UK, Australia, or US (if they shipping and the price will be doubled, and yea I know all EU versions are the same with just different language and store bonus, and that the PS3 is free region But still... I want it in language I can understand dammit :/ )

    And in TOB they also made LESS units which were sold really fast on the US, leaving me with UK only and most shops there not want to ship it to my country since they need X and Y delivery which for some reason not available for where I live at.
    Game UK (which have terrible customers support so far) let me pre order it but when I ask the support they warn me that their delivery is limited to 1 KG oversea, and since it pre-order they don't know how much it will weigh, which can result in sudden cancellation of my predoer on release date (which is the worst day to look for new pre order)
    Either way our friendly Namco/Tales Of studio/Who ever make their Western version decisions, made my (and probably others) Pre order experience a pure nightmare, they should know about it if they care about their fans or it will result in us not buying their CE anymore and have bad opinion on them

    Can someone here inform them about it so they can make our life easier for next time?

  • Marths

    This is why I import.
    Language barrier is tall, but I least I can learn a bit, I put in my head that there are other languages in the world and blah blah blah.

    • Whatever

      No one cares that you import, wappo. Playing a game in another language doesn't teach you diddly about it because people on games don't speak the same in real life (that goes for Japanese especially), but believe whatever you want. Just don't expect your opinion to matter those of us who want it in a language we speak and understand primarily here.

      • Kaiseno

        Yeah, but it can help him recognize the words and kanji in other games and when learning the language elsewhere. Certain words are used a lot.

        The censorship isn't that bad.

  • Kenan Tutsi (Naughty)

    Will the 15 min skit be included into the collector's edition?

  • donkey5.8

    So no cameo costumes? That really sucks.

  • For those of us who didn't import the game when it came out over in Japan and didn't watch the video to avoid spoilers, when does this scene actually happen? I'm gonna watch the original version and just skip past/mute the censored version when I pick up my copy at the end of the month, so it would be nice to know the exact moment I need to mute my TV :3

  • Censored


    Scamco is retarded and it shows.