Tales of Festival 2017 Day 2 News Report: Tales of Asteria, Tales of Link and Tales of the Rays News

Updates on Tales of Asteria, Tales of Link and Tales of the Rays

There was no announcement on a new game today, but Tales of Festival 2017's Day 2 sure was filled with news on mobile titles!

Unexpectedly, we didn't get any new game info today. Instead, all announcements done at Tales of Festival 2017 Day 2 were focused on the mobile titles:

Tales of Asteria | Tales of Link Japan | Tales of the Rays

Tales of Asteria

Original Soundtrack

It has been decided that an original soundtrack for Tales of Asteria will be released soon! Details on the soundtrack will be given at a later time.

New Single by Nana Mizuki

The theme song for Tales of Asteria's "Recollections of Eden" chapter entitled "ACROSS" by Nana Mizuki (Colette Brunel's voice actor) will be released as a single this July 19!

Login Bonuses

As part of the Tales of Festival 2017 event, there will be Asteria Stones (total of 10) as a login bonus, along with a 5 Star character - specifically the character that will top the official Tales of Character Popularity Ranking poll. Results will be announced tomorrow, but you can view the ranking of the Special Categories in our previous post.

Wedding Costumes!

With the tradition of June Weddings, our Tales characters are also sporting their wedding dresses! From May 31st to June 16 (3:59PM JST), you can get a chance to summon select 5 Star and 4 Star Tales characters in wedding dresses.

Their art changes when awakened.

You can visit the official Tales of Asteria website here.

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Tales of Link

New Main Scenario Chapter Coming Soon!

An update on Tales of Link Japan's main scenario is coming soon, with the main visual released (the one above).

Login Bonuses

Login bonuses include 10 Hero Stones and Unison Artes for Cless and Velvet!

Tales of Link Illustrations Book!

Coming soon will be an artbook featuring artwork from Tales of Link! Info to be announced at a later date.

June Pride Bride and Groom Gacha!

Currently ongoing is Tales of Link's June Pride event, where you can get select Tales characters dressed as brides and grooms in the special Gacha. In addition, you can exchange June Pride Gacha Tickets for a 5 Star Groom Yuri!

 ♡(๑゚ ლ゚๑)♡

You can visit the official Tales of Link Japanese website here. Note that these updates are for the Japanese edition of Tales of Link and not for the Worldwide one.

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Tales of the Rays

New Characters For the New Chapters

The new characters participating in the upcoming new chapters of Tales of the Rays' main scenario have been revealed! Chapter 8-11 shows Leon Magnus, Lloyd Irving, Velvet Crowe, Cless Alvein and Chester Barklight respectively, with Cless and Chester both in Chapter 11. The Tales of the Rays main visual has also been updated to reflect Velvet.

Special Limited Time events also include Rita and Raven from Tales of Vesperia.

Login Bonuses

To celebrate Tales of Festival 2017, login bonuses for Tales of the Rays will be added.

  • 40 Diamonds
  • Tales of Festival 2017 Official Multicolor Light Custom Weapon (9 types in total, login everyday to get them all)

Tales of Eternia Limited Event: Whis and Toys Labyrinth!

Until June 13, you can collect Whis cards from enemies and exchange them for items. There are also events involving Reid Hershel, Farah Oersted and Meredy from Tales of Eternia!

Character Level Limit Break

The level limits of characters can now be increased using special stones. Said stones can be earned in events.

You can visit the official Tales of the Rays website here.

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There wasn't really any new game info at this day of Tales of Festival 2017, but there's still tomorrow! Our staff Momo will keep you updated on all the tidbits at TalesFes!

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  • Lazaros Charalai

    I can´t wait for the new Tales of Link scenario.

    • Simon Low

      Welp, I haven't even complete its current story. XD

  • Deltath Riylaan

    I just can't bring myself to care about mobile titles. I want to hear about the next real Tales console experience! I'm scared there won't be any announcements this weekend though. Makes me worry that focus will shift more to mobile and Tales as a console franchise will receive less and less support due to declining sales the last few entries.

    • Giordan

      maybe they have a title in development but they're taking their time instead of rushing it.
      Japan is pretty much a haven for the mobile market so sadly you'll have to get used to it.
      Also, Berseria probably didn't do as well due to Zestiria's rather bleak fan reception in Japan.

      • Deltath Riylaan

        If we actually got the other mobile games, I'd be more excited. They never come out here, except for Tales of Link, which is impossibly boring.

  • Mikleo

    Nice! A new main scenario for Tales of Link. I'm also hoping for the Rays to get localize, and an existing title for PC port, I'd like ToX 1&2 since I don't own a PS3. :/

    • Giordan

      get a PS3 then?

      • Mikleo

        That's so easily said. PS3 is outdated and buying it just to play 1-2 games isn't worth it. I'd rather buy a new PC or phone.

        • Giordan

          1-2 games? Dude, did you even look at its library?

          • Mikleo

            Dude, I'm only interested for Xillia 1&2. So yeah, only 2 games. That's not worth buying a console for, then just leaving it in the dark after the game completion. So again, I'd rather buy a new PC or phone.

          • Giordan

            Because it has more than Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2 on the console?
            Look up a damn game list before you judge, ok?

          • Mikleo

            Can't you even UNDERSTAND my point? I'm only INTERESTED for Xillia 1 and 2.

            I don't give a DAMN about the other games, so TRY to GET THE POINT before you bitch and telling me to get the console, ok?

          • Giordan

            you're only interested in Tales games?
            christ, expand your horizons

          • Mikleo

            Yeah, I'm only interested for Xillia1&2 in the PS3 console, other games I'm interested are on the PS4 and PC, and I have those. Same for the upcoming games, I'm only interested for those in the PS4, and PS3 is so outdated.

            So is whatever my taste your problem? If so, then that's your own mental problem and it's non of my concern.

          • Giordan

            basically you're spouting BS

          • Mikleo

            Excuse you, but you're the one spouting BS and not minding your own business. You seriously have some mental problem there.

  • donkey7.99

    Mobile, mobile, and mobile.

    Announce the HD remaster already.

    • Giordan

      Destiny Chronicles

      • Simon Low

        I would also want to see a Tales of the Abyss Remake with new-gen graphics.

      • Simon Low

        Yup. That, or Legendia Remake, or Abyss Remake.

        • Giordan

          Legendia is the least selling main Tales game in Japan, so I doubt a remaster will happen.

          • Simon Low

            Yeah. But I meant a REMAKE. means make the whole game from scratch again. XD

          • Giordan

            which would never happen. It'd take too long.

  • Lord Shiru

    Tales of the Rays is actually fun !
    An english version would be appreciated.

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