AC Radio: Tales of the Rays Worldwide - What Happened? (07/15/18)

Already in its second arc in Japan, we talk about Tales of the Rays' localization and closure in the West.

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Runtime: 57:06

  • PanbanRichard (AC Staff Admin; News and Content Writer; Back-end Support)
  • DimensionSlip (AC Staff News and Content Writer)
  • While Tales of the Rays is still going strong in Japan, what happened to its localization and why did it close its service less than a year in? We discuss this alongside the general presence that Tales of has in Japan & the West.

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  • GraysonXIV

    Are there any plans to put the podcast up on Apple Podcasts? Would love to be able to listen outside of YouTube.

    • PanbanRichard

      There are no plans to release it on Apple Podcasts--or on any other platforms besides Youtube & Patreon at this time. However, we'll keep them in mind as AC Radio continues to grow~