AC's Tales of Colors 2 Contest Is Now Closed! Congratulations To The Winners!

Abyssal Chronicles' Tales of Colors 2 Contest is now officially over! As of the time of this posting, entries will no longer be accepted!

Thank you to everyone who joined the contest! Check back here in a few hours and we'll be posting the answers as well as the winners! Till then, good luck to everyone who joined!

The answers are finally up! Sorry for the delay! In an hour or so, we'll be posting the winners, as well! Stay tuned!

And finally, here are our winners!

For 4th runner-up, we have Mallow! Congratulations!

For 3rd runner-up, we have Dayat! Congratulations!

2nd runner-up goes to vincemiya from Malaysia! Congratulations!

Our big 1st runner-up prize goes to lunarwhale! Congratulations!

And finally, the big grand prize goes to Nivarea! Congratulations!

Out of the 689 entries, 372 got perfect! Winners were chosen via lottery from those who got perfect.

A big congratulations to everyone who won, and thank you who joined! Till our next contest!

To the winners, please e-mail us again with your real full name, address and contact number for shipping purposes. Thank you!

So, did you guys get the right answers?

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