Promotional Post: Positive Tales - Inspiring Tales Fan Stories And Confessions

There are times when the Tales of Series games aren't just games to some of us. At times, it can lift us up from the worst moods. It lets us meet amazing people we -just might- share the rest of our lives with. And then, there are those times when we actually feel like they've saved us from something we never thought we could get out of.

This is what the Tumblr blog "Positive Tales" focuses on. The blog is a collection of inspiring stories and personal confessions from fans whose lives the Tales of Series has touched in the most wonderful ways. I read through the whole blog, and later found myself in tears. Never would I have imagined that the Tales of Series would influence the lives of these people in the most positive of ways.

And perhaps, after thinking about it, Tales may have changed my life in some way, too. I remember countless of times when playing a Tales game had lifted me up from really sad times. And needless to say, some principles I apply in my life, I got from Tales.

I encourage everyone to give the blog a thorough read, or if you have your own story to tell, go on ahead and submit!

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