Tales Fans Around The World Ch01 - Presenting Cosplay Group Ad Libitum!

To kick off TFATW's first chapter, I would like to delve into the realm of cosplayers. For me, cosplayers bring out the most creative way of showing your love for a particular fandom. The amount of time, work, money and passion spent on making a costume, not to mention the effort of trying to be "in character", is a great way of expressing your love for your fandom.

Presenting "Ad Libitum"! Ad Libitum is a Tales of Series cosplay group situated in the Philippines. Their costumes range from taking on individual favorite characters to taking on specific games. Recently, the team took part in the recent Cosmania X 2010 here in the Philippines as characters from Tales of Vesperia. They also made that day an official "Tales of Day", scrounging around for fellow Tales fans and cosplayers to sign a commemorative board for the event.

The members of Ad Libitum are constantly growing, as they openly take any willing Tales cosplayer under their care. Here are a few shots from their recent cosplay exploits:

tfatw01p12  tfatw01p3 tfatw01p4  tfatw01p6 tfatw01p5 tfatw01p7
tfatw01p8 tfatw01p9 tfatw01p14 tfatw01p10 tfatw01p11
Ad Libitum plans to do a Tales of Symphonia + ToSDotNW group again next year, and possibly even more (the three Kanonnos are also in the plans too...). The group will continue to spread their love for the series through the costumes, and hopefully, they'll never run out of characters to cosplay.

tfatw01p15 tfatw01p16

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