Tales of the Abyss Episode 1 Version 2~

Done with version 2 of episode 1. We highly suggest dumping the other one and replacing it with this one. Please, DO seed. Thank you~ As of now, the HD version can also be obtained from our irc channel, #abyssalchronicles @ irc.rizon.net

Also, to those having trouble with the fonts for the HD version, you can download the font we used here. Just put this in your C:WINDOWSFonts folder, and the subs should work fine.

HD MKV (H264+AAC) Softsubbed - Torrent | IRC: #abyssalchronicles @ irc.rizon.net (!tota01)

SD AVI (XviD+MP3) Hardsubbed - Torrent | IRC: #abyssalchronicles @ irc.rizon.net (!tota01sd)

We have direct downloads here, courtesy of d3v073d_50uL and xinan~



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