TGS 2008 Trailers for RM2 and Hearts + New Hearts Character Announced

First off, the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 site is finally open properly, although the only open sections are the Characters and Trailers pages. It also has Panille flying around the page.

Anyway, the TGS 2008 trailers for RadiMai2 and Tales of Hearts have just been added (the ones I showed you in that other news post). There are 3 videos all in all, because ToH has the usual anime version and CG version. One thing to note, RadiMai2 is also confirmed for a "this winter" release in Japan (and the skit at the end showing Tear wanting Caius to turn into a Lycanth already 'cause it's cute~). Click on the thumbnails above to view the videos on our YouTube channel. Downloads available in their respective download pages, screenshots added to their respective galleries.

EDIT (Oct 15, 08 ): New scan from GamerKyo (thanks to cutepresea for the heads up) reveals a new character, Chalcedony Arkham (romaji: KARUSEDONII AAKAMU). He's a knight with strong morals. Apparently, his Soma allows him to fly. Aside from that, at the lower part of the scan, you'll see a small portion for RM2. Ruca, Mint, Mao, Rubia, and Keele are confirmed. Playable or non-playable? That we're not sure of.

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