Tales of the Abyss Episode 13 + A Special Video~ Merry Christmas!

Before you read this, there's an RM2 and ToH update right below this post xD...
Merry Christmas to everyone! As part of our Christmas celebration, we will release episode 13 earlier than usual (lol it was done earlier. Sorry if we didn't release it right away >.<). Also, we subbed (karaoke) a special music clip found in the Bouken Suisei single DVD. It's a short video with the full Bouken Suisei song, plus scenes from the anime. We hope you enjoy it =3~. Also, a list of downloads of all TotA episodes we've released so far can be found here. You can also access it by clicking the "TotA Anime Subbed Episodes" link under Media in the navigation bar.

Tales of the Abyss Episode 13:

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SD 704x400 XviD+MP3 AVI - NyaaTorrents | DaTorrents | MegaUpload | DDL



Bouken Suisei Special Music Clip (Tales of the Abyss Version, from the Bouken Suisei single DVD)

MKV H264+AAC (Hardsubbed) - NyaaTorrents | DaTorrents | MegaUpload |DDL
AVI XviD+MP3 (Hardsubbed) - NyaaTorrents | DaTorrents | MegaUpload |DDL



We shout out a special thanks to AnimeTake.com, and we welcome Veritias, a new member of our Distro team =3
Look out for our special New Year stuff too! Lots more in store for everyone =3~

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