Tales of The Rays: June 2020 Preview now live!

Collabs and Crossovers!

Tales of The Rays: Fairy's Requiem reaches its conclusion this month!

Bandai Namco's Youtube Channel was a bit delayed but they didn't disappoint! Watch the June preview below:

First things first: The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls collaboration Part 2 is coming this month! They revealed that we'd be getting a part 2 a few weeks ago, but as a reminder, we're getting the diminutive Anzu Futaba and the towering Kirari Moroboshi. Unlike last preview however, this time we're seeing who on the Tales side of things is getting new costumes and Mirrage Artes for the collaboration. They are LeiaRubia and Rays' own Karia. Leia's is especially fitting since her introduction into Rays was through a collaboration with The iDOLM@STER Starlight Stage. If you'd remember, Leia escaped capture by the salvation front in said event and ended up running into Dist...

Speaking of which, the next event after the collaboration is a new raid event, this time focusing on Tales of The Abyss. It'll be different from the usual raid events since the protagonists of Abyss, Luke and Tear, already have Decisive Mirrage Artes. This time, the new boss we'll be fighting (and recruiting) is Dist! He's been menacing the group since Rays started, so it's a pleasant surprise that he'll finally be joining our side after one last fight. The featured characters who'll be getting new Decisive Mirrage Artes in the raid are Anise and Ion. The third featured character will be getting an Overray, and is none other than the target of Dist's animosity: Jade. It's been a long time since Jade got anything new at all despite his popularity (he only has one Mirrage Gear and a collaboration Mirrage Arte from the Valkyrie Profile event) so anyone who's been waiting for Jade to get anything new can finally be happy. Also as a reminder, all returning characters will be getting Reverse Mirrage Gears and second Mirrage Gears if they don't have it, so expect a lot of new artes!

Finally, Fairy's Requiem will reach its conclusion this month. We'll be getting not one but two new characters for the ending. The first is Mercuria, antagonist since Arc 2, and the second is Naza, the final boss of Arc 2. They always had sympathetic traits so it'll be interesting to see what makes them finally switch sides. The last surprise, however, is the announcement of a New Type of Mirrage Arte. This new type is called a Crossover Mirrage Arte and will be given to Ix and Mileena first. The explanation is as follows:

A Crossover Mirrage Arte is a Mirrage Arte done by two characters, together, similarly to Dual/Linked Mystic Artes from previous Tales games. It requires to stocks of MG (presumably one from each party member) and both characters must be fighting together. This new Mirrage Arte recreates a scene from Arc 3's opening, as shown in the video. We don't know the finer details, such as who equips what, but we'll find out soon enough! What pairings would you like to see get a Crossover Mirrage Arte?

This month's preview was quite a doozy, but ultimately the event schedule shouldn't remain too packed. Arc 4, Last Cradle, will officially begin when Arc 3's done. One last thing: There's a Retweet campaign on twitter for this preview to get extra rewards in-game. All you have to do is Retweet it, so if you have a twitter account, be sure to give them support!


That's all for now. See you next time we get important news!

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