Tales of The Rays Last Cradle has finally launched! Version 4.0.0, Jay and Moses' debut and Kanonno Spirit Gear Event!

A New Adventure Begins!

Following up on Fairy's Requiem, the Fourth Arc of Tales of The Rays is finally here. This isn't just any story update, it comes with version 4.0.0, a slew of new features and free rewards celebrating the game's launch! There's also a new Spirit Gear event featuring the 3 Kanonnos.
First things first. Tales of The Rays has a new version update, one that you'll have to download from your preferred app store separately rather than through in-game updates. It's a sizeable download so make sure not to use up your data!

Naturally, a new arc means a new chapter. And just like most chapters, this one has new characters. If you hadn't seen our previous article covering the Rays Livestream and PV Part 2, the new characters this time are Jay and Moses Sandor, both from Tales of Legendia! With them, the cast of playable party members from Tales of Legendia is complete (although that's not to say there won't be any more Legendia characters in the future!) In addition to those two, Senel will be getting a new Overray Mirrage Arte and Reverse 5*. Despite this being the official debut for Tales of The Rays Last Cradle, all this Legendia love makes Chapter 1 seem like an event celebrating Legendia. Well, this year marked Tales of Legendia's 15th anniversary, so it deserves a hurrah like this.

We don't just have a new story chapter. A new event also just started: the Kanonno Spirit Gear event! Naturally the 3 featured characters are Pasca Kanonno with a wind Spirit Gear, Kanonno Earhart who gets a water spirit gear, and lastly Kanonno Grassvalley donning an earth spirit gear. This is the first all blue anima Spirit Gear event! The producer's letter this month promised more balanced distribution of Spirit Gears to the anima colors in the future as well. In addition to those 3, Cress, Mint and Reala also give bonus bags so long as you have a spirit gear for one of them. Keep that in mind when building a team for farming!

Here's a timetable of things to keep in mind. Senel, Jay and Moses' Arte and Mirrage previews will be at the bottom of this article, and an overview of new features, system changes and rewards is just below this chart. There's also potentially 240 free pulls and a bunch of Free Select Tickets available to Rays players, so read on to know more about those! We're also working on a more in-depth guide to the new features that come with Arc 4, so be on the look out for that soon.

Tales of The Rays Last Cradle + Spirit Gear Event Start Time End Time
Kanonno Spirit Gear Event Quests October 31st, 14:00 JST November 10th, 10:59 JST
Kanonno Spirit Gear Event Shop October 31st, 14:00 JST November 17th, 10:59 JST
Kanonno Spirit Gear Box Gacha October 31st, 14:00 JST November 18th, 10:59 JST
Kanonno Spirit Gear Gacha Banner October 31st, 14:00 JST November 30th, 10:59 JST
Kanonno Spirit Gear Gacha Tickets October 31st, 14:00 JST December 7th, 10:59 JST
Story Banner: Senel, Jay, Moses, Kocis Octber 28th, 21:00 JST November 25th, 10:59 JST
3, 4, 5* Select Tickets Octber 28th, 21:00 JST December 31st, 10:59 JST
Story Missions Octber 28th, 21:00 JST November 30th, 10:59 JST
Free Multi Token Missions Octber 28th, 21:00 JST December 31st, 10:59 JST

The Kanonno Spirit Gear event follows the usual formula for Spirit Gear events: after completing all the quests, repeat the 40 AP farming stage to collect currency and bags. The bags are used in a special box gacha that contains Spirit Gear Shards and a bunch of other rewards. Get enough Shards, and you can buy and then upgrade the Spirit Gears! Don't forget to equip them after buying them, as well. They have their own separate equipment slot that's unlocked once the spirit gear is released, and their own separate gauge as well. Since Arc 4 overhauled the equipment system, here's a quick explanation of where to buy and upgrade Spirit Gears! First click the very middle tab...

Then touch the "ALL" button on the top left.

From here, there's a list of buttons on the right. The important ones are the two on the bottom right. To buy a new Spirit Gear, click the left button.

This will take you to a list of Level 1 Spirit Gears available to buy. You can only have one of each! (This is my screenshot, and I already bought all of them, that's why all of them are sold out.) after that, return to the ALL screen and hit the button on the very corner on the bottom right.

This will show all the Spirit Gears you have available to upgrade. Tap the one you want and use the slider on the right to expend the amount of shards you need to level it up! You should have enough to buy a Level 1 Spirit Gear and upgrade it to level 2 if you completed all the quests, but you need Level 3 to use the new Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte, so get to farming for that.

Moving on, let's talk about the Free Multis. Rather than simply being available on a banner, you must collect tokens from Home Screen Missions. These are the ones, if you can't find them!

They're quite simple. You must simply keep spending AP on quests and collecting log-in bonuses for the first two token missions. There are also missions for completing the final boss quests of Arcs 1, 2 and 3 on Normal Mode. In order to use the tokens, first go to the shops tab next to the upgrade tab...

Tap the icon on the right with the two arrows to be taken to this menu.

Tap the top left icon from here to be taken to a list of currently running limited time shops. Scroll down until you see a banner with the token on it, shown on the top of the list in this image.

From here you'll see a selection of tickets for sale, using the tokens. Each ticket costs 1 token, and there are 24 of them in total.

You use the tickets from the Gacha menu under the yellow tickets tab, where they'll each give a free multi, or 10 rolls in total per ticket. If you manage to get all 24 tickets, then that equates to 240 free rolls in total!

While you're in the Gacha section, check out the purple ticket tab. This takes you to your Select tickets! Select tickets let you choose what you want from a list, rather than having to do random rolls for it. Everyone has select tickets giving free 3, 4 and 5*s to celebrate Arc 4's release! (There's also a dMA/oMA select, but that one costs 5000 Mirrogems.)

That's about it for now. We are also working on a more comprehensive overview of the new features for Version 4.0.0. If you have any further questions or want to see things covered in said overview, leave a comment here or on our social media! With that said, it's time for the costume and arte previews. There are a lot, since we're covering a story *and* event release.

Here's a group shot of the Legendia cast. Isn't it nice that all Tales of Legendia's party members have fully reunited at last? Senel, Jay and Moses take the opportunity to show off their new alternate costumes as well. Senel comes with a jazz outfit, which was originally created for Tales of Asteria!


It's not shown in the preview tweet, but Senel also has a costume that more directly matches Jay and Moses'.


Jay has a special mechanic. If he has a speed buff active, all of his artes alter to stronger forms! This effectively gives him a buff based stance system. He can self buff using his Gacha Mirrage Arte, of course!


Moses is quite the fun one, with his spear chucking artes. Fans of Tales of Legendia should be very impressed by how much his moveset is improved in this game!

Pasca Kanonno

Pasca's reverse Master Arte has a special effect. If it hits an enemy, then she'll get a special buff where all of her attacks (including regular attacks, spells and Mirrage Artes) will have the Wind Element added on!

Kanonno Earhart

Kanonno's Reverse Master has the same effect as Pasca's, except this time it adds Water.

Kanonno Grassvalley

Unfortunately, Grassvalley does not get the add element effect on her Reverse Master, but her Reverse Master is still a powerful attack that lasts a long time with full invincibility.

That's all for now! But that doesn't mean we're done. As has been stated before, we're working on a more comprehensive overview of Version 4.0.0 features. It was planned to go up earlier, but there ended up being a lot to cover! It shouldn't take much longer. In the meantime, if you want to see something covered, comment here, on our social media or join our discord. Until then, have fun with Rays!

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