Tales of The Rays - Legendia Yukata/Anniversary event now live!

One last hurrah for summer, and what better way to celebrate with a Yukata event celebrating Tales of Legendia's anniversary?

It's August, 2020. Tales of Legendia came out on August 25th, 2005 in Japan, officially making this the month of Legendia's 15th anniversary. Naturally this means we have a whole event dedicated to the game! Just like last event there's only one new character: everyone's favorite archaeologist Will Raynard! The returning featured characters are all fellow party members from Tales of Legendia: NormaShirley, and Grune. All characters will have new Artes and costumes. The theme this time is Yukatas, a perfect fit for a summer event! Also remember that returning characters get new 5 star weapons if they didn't already have a second one! Such is the case for Norma and Grune this time.

In other news, All-Out Tower has returned to its normal time. This means a new one just started as soon as the old one ended, with no gap, meaning more time to attempt it before the next one.

The event times are below! It follows the standard event format - complete all the quests, then farm the highest AP quest you can to buy out the event shop. In addition to the above featured characters, all Legendia characters now have their 6th enhancements. The event shop and log in bonuses will provide 6th enhancement orbs, so this is a chance to make Senel and Chloe even better at combos!

Tales of The Rays Legendia Anniversary Event Start Time End Time
Event Period August 21st, 11:00 JST August 31st, 10:59 JST
Gacha Banner August 21st, 11:00 JST August 31st, 10:59 JST
Ticket Banner August 31st, 11:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST
All-Out Tower August 21st, 11:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST

Will Raynard has a unique mechanic! That's right, they're getting much more creative with characters as of late. While Will didn't have any physical artes in Legendia, he comes with two original physical artes in this game. His unique mechanic is a chance of inflicting the rare stun ailment with his physical attacks, including the basic non-arte attacks. Once an enemy is inflicted with stun, he gets a reduction to his cast time! His spells are good, but most have a range limit, so you can use his stun chance to create opportunities to cast spells near enemies. The Icicle Volt spell also lets him approach an enemy safely! His gacha Mirrage also guarantees stun, but remember that stun ends the moment an enemy is hit again.

Now for the usual arte and costume previews. We also get a look at concept art!

Group shot of all the Yukatas this event, as well as concept art for Will, Norma and Grune. The flower attached to the pouch Will wears on his sash is the same as the one worn by his daughter Harriet Campbell as a hairclip, which is a nice touch!

Will Raynard

Will's cool Mirrage Arte is guaranteed to inflict stun! His preview tweet describes his ability to stun as well, and describes him as an older man who looks good in a Yukata. We certainly agree.

Norma Beatty

Full disclosure: Norma's new 5 stars greatly improve how good she is in battle.

Shirley Fennes

Unfortunately there's no concept art for Shirley's costume uploaded yet, but we'll update this article if they put it up soon!


Grune's new artes continue the trend she has both in this game and in Legendia where all of her spells are high level with huge range and damage. We're not complaining! And the Yukata goes nicely with her hair color.

That's all for this event! The next event is the Vesperia Spirit Gear event. Keep an eye out for more news soon- remember, co-op makes it's official release before the end of the month!

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