Tales of Crestoria Event Story Review: Lure of the Forest Fruit

Hello! This is Grace, also known as Ecargmura, and I am here with a review of the Limited Quests, or Event Stories. I know that this is probably a weird thing to review about but it has a story and has gameplay mechanics, so why shouldn’t I review this? This is most likely going to be a short review given how there’s not much to talk about, so I hope this would be a quick but memorable read for you all.

This review contains minor spoilers for Crestoria and Eternia

The story most likely takes place between chapters 2 and 3 given how Kanata and the others are following Vicious around without Aegis (who joins in Chapter 3) around. They are reunited with Farah and Reid who are trying to enjoy a picnic in the forest, but keeps getting interrupted due to frenzied monsters in the vicinity. A villager at a nearby village explains how they are problematic because invasive species invaded their territory and hoarded their sylvangems, which are fruit found in the forest they are in. Sylvangems have a calming effects, so if the invasive species hoard them all, the natives would become aggressive. Kanata, being the righteous guy he is, decides to solve the problem. Vicious was reluctant to help at first, but when the villager mentions about how he could distill the fruit into alcohol, he becomes motivated.

Farah, on the other hand, is getting rather depressed but she’s trying her best to keep a cheerful front to not worry Reid (but he seems to have caught on). Misella seems to notice the farce too. Reid then cheers her up by talking about the past (Keele is mentioned, meaning he’s in this universe as well). Farah gets embarrassed, and says that’s all in the past. Misella likes seeing their interactions and calls it ‘strangely’ endearing. Farah then says that Vicious is the strange one with the way he’s been eyeing the fruit. Kanata says that he’s usually eccentric while Misella berates him.

After continuously fighting monsters and seeing Vicious becoming weirder, the group thinks about how strange the monsters are acting. They’re hoarding the fruit but not consuming them. Then, they hear a loud roar—much different from the usual monsters. Both invasive and native species heard it. It seems that the lack of sylvangems are really making the monsters aggressive. They get ready for battle. Farah unleashes an arte, but her picnic basket gets ruined in the process.

After a while, they stop and think about the monsters’ behavior. One invasive monster only ate one and carried off the rest. Right now, the invasive and natives are at war with one another due to the fruit. Their only choice is to eliminate the invasive species’ source of their action.

Farah’s depression is actually stemmed up from her picnic being ruined, but knows that the threat to the village is more important. Then, they hear a loud roar and finally find the source: a Venom Lizard. They slay it. The invasive species start crying at the loss of their leader. It turns out that they were just trying to heal their leader. Now that the boss is gone, the invasive species leave the forest.

Then, they realize Vicious is gone. It turns out that he went back to the villager and is anticipating getting alcohol since the man can turn them into such. He can only make one bottle and it’s for an offering. Vicious becomes disappointed that all of his hard work was for nothing.

Farah, on the other hand, is still moping about her picnic basket. Reid offers to help “un-squish” the food and invites Kanata and the others to have a picnic together. No alcohol included because everyone minus Vicious is underage.

Story-wise, this is just a generic story of solving a monster conflict. Farah and Reid were cute and sweet in this story. I don’t know what they mean by “un-squishing”, but it’s cute; I’ll let it slide. I think the monster fighting dragged a bit too long, though. Though, I do think this is a good beginning to the start of the Limited Quest feature.

We get to learn a bit more about some characters. If you haven’t played Eternia, you’d get a good glimpse of what Reid and Farah are like. Reid is pretty chill but likes to tease Farah while Farah is more upbeat and gung-ho. Like what Misella said, their chemistry is strangely endearing. I sort of ship them already. Also, Reid talked about someone named Keele when he was teasing Farah. Keele is the name of Reid and Farah’s mutual childhood friend. Since he was mentioned, I assume he’s in this universe as well, playing the same role as he does in his original game.

Kanata and Misella are still the same. Vicious, on the other hand, is shown to be very…obsessive towards alcohol. He kept behaving weirdly every time he has his hands on the sylvangems. He was comic relief throughout this story.

For gameplay, the event and subsequent events after this one unlocks special raids that can get you special items for exchanges and points that can get you cool prizes. I recommend trying to constantly raid because the exclusive SR and SSR stones they give out are very unique and powerful. They can help boost your team no matter what. SR Reid is wind element and has Onslaught III (raises ATK). SSR Farah is earth element and has Tech V (raises CRIT rate)

The raid monster for this event, Lindwurm Grun, is a wind elemental. I like its design. Its moves mainly consist of laser beams and charge attacks, which are single targeted attacks. The only aspect of these raid fights I dislike is my terrible luck with drops. I’ve seen people get SR stones or such for drops, but I don’t get any. Fortunately, I still got SR Reid (three of them, in fact!) and SSR Farah, so I don’t need to worry about this monster ever again.

Also, after you beat the main event story’s stage, you get another stage where it’s mainly battling monsters to get the event collectibles for exchanging and gathering points. There are six stages with the difficulty increasing every time you clear one.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on these event stories? Have you gotten SR Reid and SSR Farah? The event has ended, so you cannot fight the monster anymore and can only make exchanges. If you’re too late on getting either limited stones…too bad, I guess?

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