Tales of The Rays - Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X 10th Anniversary Event Begins!

The Narikiri Dearies have arrived!

It's been 10 years since Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X was released in Japan, so Tales of The Rays is putting out a special event to celebrate!

Tales of The Rays has just updated to Version 3.11.0 and naturally since it comes with a Narikiri Dungeon event, we're getting the first protagonists of that series. The two new characters introduced in this event are Dio and Mell! For those unfamiliar with the characters, they are twin siblings with the special ability of changing costumes to gain new artes and movesets. Naturally this carries over to Rays as well! Unfortunately, their wardrobe Albert will not be making it. The returning featured characters are of course the two other major characters in Narikiri Dungeon X: Rondoline (who was also introduced in that game!) and Dhaos (who's connection to Dio and Mell is well known to those who played Narikiri Dungeon!)

The event times are below! It follows the standard event format

Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X 10th Anniversary Start Time End Time
Event Period July 13th, 19:30 JST July 22nd, 13:59 JST
Gacha Banner July 13th, 19:30 JST July 31st, 13:59 JST
Event Shop July 13th, 19:30 JST July 29th, 13:59 JST

Restating what was shown in the producer's letter, Dio and Mell have a new battle mechanic based on changing classes as in the original Narikiri Dungeon. They couldn't implement all the costumes, so Dio and Mell each represent specific classes. Each of the twins starts with a base class that will upgrade on inflicting a critical hit or using a certain Mirrage Arte. They both get increased power and Hitcount on their Artes, while Dio also gets a speed boost and Mel a casting speed boost. The upgrades are temporary and revert after a while, indicated by a gauge that appears below them. By the way, the only way to increase a character's base crit rate is levelling up or equipping Spirit Gears, which Dio and Mell won't have any time soon, so get to levelling them! Screenshots showing the classes in action are below.

Dio starts out with the Samurai class.

Upon class change, he temporarily becomes Sword Emperor.

Mell starts off in the spellcasting Witch class.

On class change she becomes the improved High Witch class.

In addition to the class change costumes, there's also the usual alternate costumes. As you might be able to tell by seeing them, the new costumes this time feature an Arabian Nights theme. The costume and arte previews are below!


This Mirrage Arte is Tenku Jousoujinthe mystic arte of his samurai classes in the original game!

Interestingly enough, her Mirrage Arte Shining Blade is actually the Mystic Arte of her Knight classes in Narikiri dungeon, not her Magic Wielding classes. Also her regular artes appear to be newly made for Rays rather than pulled from her existing artes from the original game.

Dhaos' new Mirrage Arte sucks enemies in similar to the Black Hole arte that recurs in the series, making it useful for grouping enemies together. Try chaining it into another Mirrage Arte! Also, his new Reverse Mirrage Gear is actually 3 different artes. The Master version, done when starting a chain as with all Reverse Master Artes, is Spell Volcano, Dhaos' first spell in Rays. The Base is Twin Spell (which is ironically not a spell due to the lack of cast time). When chained into itself, it alters into his signature Tetra Spell!

Rondoline's new Master Arte is Rainbow Road. The Master Arte sends her diagonally into the air similar to Cyclone Shot, while the base version is closer to the original Rainbow Road and involves throwing a blade diagonally upwards. Either way rainbows are involved.

That's it for this event. Keep an eye out for more upcoming news, and remember that Tales of The Rays festival will be starting soon!

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