Another Batch of Radiant Mythology 3 Videos - Arche, Reid, Rita and Hisui

It's Friday again, which means another batch of character videos from the official Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology website. This week, Arche Klaine (Tales of Phantasia), Reid Hershel (Tales of Eternia), Rita (Tales of Vesperia) and Hisui Hearts (Tales of Hearts) are now seen in action.

Arche Reid Rita Hisui
In the videos, we see Arche perform Big Bang (we also get to see her cast the Indignation spell, which, in my opinion, is a ), Reid perform ??? (Kyoukkouheki, Aurora Wall), Rita perform Ancient Catastrophe and Hisui perform ?????? (Tsutsuinuwashi: Tsugaikaze). Follow the Full Story link to view the videos on our site. Click the thumbnails below to view them directly on YouTube.

Oops, and almost forgot. Another batch of screen shots from the usual source:

kylee kyleeee minto

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