New Tales of VS, Graces and Vesperia PS3 Magazine Scans/Info + Fans Rage

Wow 3 news posts in a day.. BTW the MU links for TotA Ep26 are up in their respective news post (2 posts below).

Thanks to cutepresea for the heads-up on the scans (added higher resolution ones for ToV PS3, click the last 2 thumbnails), and thanks to Yume Hanabi for help with the translations~ Here's what we found out:

Patty Fleur - Confirmed name spelling. Her character description mentions Aifried by the way, but the text is too small to exactly read everything. Also something about romance in her life, etc.
Anise TatlinMighty KongmanKratos AurionStan Aileron - Four new confirmed characters for Tales of VS. Only 27 character slots left~
Critical Break - This little feature is part of a minigame. The screenshots of 2D battles are actually part of a minigame, and not the main battle mode.
New ToV PS3 Stuff - This includes additional hi-ougis, new events and sub-events, events will actually be viewed from a different camera angle, new skits, new costumes, and additional events connected to the upcoming movie, aside from Patty and the fully voiced main scenario. Also, it is said here that the PS3 version has been in the works ever since the 360 version was out.
Tales of Graces - Staff said that there are hints of the story in the logo and artwork. (Well, we already know the main story from before, so yeah)

The rest of the information pretty much talks about the previous info we posted, like that Yggdrasil Battle Mode and that wall feature.

... And in other somewhat related news, a bunch of Japanese ToV fans have been raging (RAGGEE) over the fact that ToV is now coming to the PS3. Well, imagine yourself actually buying a console just for a game that was supposedly exclusive only to that said console, and months later said game will be ported to some other console, and not just that, but with extra shiny new content yeay. (Source: KOtaku)

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