BACK-ON & A Still Unknown Artist To Do Radiant Mythology 3's Opening Theme

Great news for fans of TOW: Radiant Mythology 2's opening theme, "flyaway". A new scan has just revealed that band BACK-ON will be doing RM3's opening theme, but this time, they are not alone. Also on the scan is another Tales character for the game's roster.
RM3 New ScanThe artists for the opening theme have been decided. BACK-ON, along with a currently unknown artist which they are calling "Me" for now, will be collaborating together to bring us this new song. Who could this mysterious artist be? So far, I'm seeing speculations of it being misono on 2ch. Whoever it may be, let us hope the song will live up to flyaway's quality.

The scan also reveals Sheena Fujibayashi (Tales of Symphonia) to be part of the game's roster. Also in the scan are the new artwork for the higher level job classes. Two additional images have been added to our gallery, namely this promotional poster featuring Kanonno Grassvalley, Kannno Earhart, Yuri, Flynn, Luke and Asbel and this screenshot of the opening featuring replicas twins Guy and Flynn.

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