ToH Video Updates (EDIT: With OP) + Happy Tales Day!!

Today marks the release date of Tales of Phantasia SNES Version in Japan... which means, today is also Tales Day!! So, in behalf of everyone here in AC, we'd like to greet everyone a "Happy Tales Day!"

The Tales Series is now 13 years running! Tales of Otaku, one of our dedicated visitors, madethis lovely fanart to celebrate the occasion, and I thought I'd share it with everyone smile.gif

And don't forget to check out the previous news post, showing the preview of the next mothership Tales title for the Wii! That post has been fixed now. The comments about this video in NicoNicoDouga are hilarious XD. One said, "That hair... Harold's son??" XDD

Now, on to news. We have the opening of the anime version up in our YouTube channel, for viewing purposes only 'cause it's very low quality. You can view it here. Warning: LOW QUALITY!! In addition, new Tales of Hearts videos have been added to the Hearts Video Page. They are as follows:
Misc Video 1 - Arena - Shing enters the arena/coliseum
Misc Video 2 - Spir Maze - Shing enters someone's Spir Maze.
Battle Video 8 - Union Skills - You can call upon party members who are not in your current battle party to aid you momentarily with a skill.
Event Video 3 - Sandworm - After the party is attacked by a sandworm, they find themselves buried under the sand.

All videos, including those shown before, are now available for download in the Tales of Hearts Video Section. Videos marked with a *NEW! are those recently added.

Now, a question. For the RM2 videos, you know that all of them happen to be in FLV (flash video) format. Would you like them to be available for download as is, or do you want them in the AC"s usual XviD AVI/WMV format? Comments please, thank you.

And like I said, updates will be slow because of my prelims. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY IS KILLING ME LITTLE BY LITTLE -shot-

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