Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ HQ Full MP3 Leaked + Graces Video Page Updated

The full version of Tales of Graces' opening theme, "Mamoritai ~White Wishes~" (Japanese Version) has been leaked on YouTube. I happened to find the source HQ MP3 of this leak, so it has been added to our Tales of Graces Audio Downloads section. Enjoy.

It has also been added to our never updated Jukebox (I'll get to fixing that on version 3). The song is really, really nice, in my opinion. I seriously hope the English version will be as good. And I'll probably have the lyrics up by next week. This week is my Finals week, so I'm a bit --- I'm extremely busy.

Tales of Graces Video Downloads PageThe Video Downloads/Viewing page of the site's Tales of Graces section has also been updated with the first commercial and that video of the Tales of Vesperia costumes. I got my cousin from Japan to cap the first commercial, so your available download is in HD thanks to him (the original source was crappy). Enjoy.

Lastly, Tales of Graces is to be featured again in Nintendo Power(December issue, on sale on October 27) though only in the general news section. Again, we're not expecting much because it's just in that section, but contributions of scans of it will be highly appreciated ^^.

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