New Copy of Famitsu (Xbox) reveals new info ^_^

New info from the latest Famitsu Xbox magazine courtesy of Rpgmonkey and it reveals a lot of nice info.

* You can attack even while using Free Run (that alone should make fighting a bit smoother than Abyss).
* You can change the tactics for how the party uses Overlimit.
* There are ways to raise the overlimit gauge besides attacking and defending from skills.
* Skills and overlimits can have effects on each other it seems. Like a skill that raises attack power when using overlimit.
* In Abyss overlimit was mostly just for Hi-Ougis/Mystic Artes, this time each level can be used more effectively (already known, but eh).
* Burst artes can be used regardless of Overlimit level. I think higher levels may increase their power.
* Burst artes are done with Ougi (Arcane artes), and require you to press the button continuously.
* Equipped skills and different overlimit levels can change the Burst Arte the character does.
* Doing a Fatal Strike gives various benefits, if no one knew that yet.
* Successfully doing a FS can even defeat enemies with 30,000 HP.
* The effects if a FS accumulate when you make a chain. For example, a 1 chain may give 5% HP recovery, while a 5 chain will give 25% HP recovery.
* You should be able to use all elements of the Overlimit at around the "middle of the beginning" (basically just fairly close to the beginning of the game), at around level 20-25 apparently.
* You shouldn't be able to finish a first playthough in 40 hours.
* I think this is old to us too, but they plan on implementing leaderboards into the game.
* It seems a new trailer coming soon as well.