New Screenshots of Graces, VS., and Vesperia PS3 from Famitsu + ToA Fandisc has updated their site with three new articles talking about Tales of Graces, Tales of VS., and Tales of Vesperia PS3.

Graces VS Vesperia
 I won't be adding the screenshots until the high quality ones with no water mark are out. There really is nothing new with these three articles for they just talk about the scans previously revealed. Speaking of those scans, they also reveal that the new Giganto monster for ToV PS3 has a secret mission coming along with it. We've also uploaded higher quality versions of said scans for ToG (from TrueGaming) and ToVPS3 (from Kouli):

tog1 tog2 tov1 tov2

ToAFandiscThe Tales of the Abyss Anime Fandisc which will be out on December 22 of this year at a price of 3990 Yen (roughly $42) will have the following contents:

~ New Version Dubbed Story - Basically, they're going to shuffle all of the voice actors around. For example, Chihiro Suzuki (Luke's/Asch's voice actor) will be doing Guy's role, instead. That was just an example, however. The shuffling of voice actors will be up to fans, via a poll at the official site starting July 1 until August 31.

~ Audio Commentary - audio commentary dub by the voice actors.

~ Anime Skit - Similar to the skits in the games, these same skits can be found in the DVD releases too.

~ Character PVs - PVs that basically summarize everything about a character.

~ No Credit Opening and Ending Videos - No-credits versions of the opening and ending videos of the anime.

~ Story Digest - A digest of all 26 episodes.

Also, Pre-orders for Tales of Vesperia PS3 (Japanese) are now available over at Play-Asia.

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