Tales of Graces 3rd PV/Trailer from Tales of Festival 2009 (HQ)

The Tales of Graces Official Site has been updated with the game's third released trailer, or the trailer shown during the Tales of Festival last June 14, 2009.

The video shows the Style Shifts of Asbel and SoPhie, the use of Around Step, the town, dungeon and world fields, as well as a few scenes from the game. I also translated the PV, though we'll have to wait for Yume to translate the Style Shifts. And I'm unsure of the last line that was said, because the background music's volume is way too high that it interferes.

Tales of Graces is looking promising indeed. Added the low quality (>__>) art of Asbel and SoPhie to the ToG Gallery. Also, enjoy your PV downloads:

Tales of Graces PV 3 - 1Mbps HQ | 500kbps LQ

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