Radiant Mythology 2 Updates + A Few New Scans

The Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 Official Site has just been updated with new character pages and videos for Panille (that flying Mormo thing), Zelos Wilder, Kratos Aurion (Symphonia), Senel Coolidge (Legendia) and Iria Animi (Innocence).

All videos of the Tales Series characters have been uploaded to YouTube, as well as a video of Panille, showing her/it talking to your main character (click thumbnails above). All the Series character videos have the hi-ougis in them, except for Senel's...

There are also new partial magazine scans for RM2 and ToH, from Rpgmonkey. Not much to point out, except for the new revealed class for RM2, and some info on the raw materials that can strengthen the characters' Soma. They can also change form via a Soma Evolve, and obtain a different name. New skills from it can be learned too. Also, it seems unison attacks are in.

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