New Tales of Figures: Lloyd and Zelos by Alter and Ichiban Kuji Leon and Xillia 2 Milla Maxwell

New Tales of figures were showcased today in Tales of Festival 2013's merchandise exhibition: Tales of Symphonia's Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder by Alter (or ALTAiR) and Tales of Destiny's Leon Magnus and Tales of Xillia 2's Milla Maxwell by Banpresto for their Ichiban Kuji lotteries.Zelos, Leon and Milla already have prototypes, while Lloyd's will be released in the future:

Other merchandise shown there, some of these we've already seen:

Alter's Raven and Estelle figure plus the Milla plushie

Chibi Kyun Chara Luke, Yuri and Elle by Banpresto. This was available for pre-order a while back but ran out fast.

New necklaces. Lloyd's is actually a leather bangle made to look like his Expshere, while Emil, Yuri's and Leon's are necklaces. Emil's is the usual necklace while the Yuri and Leon necklaces are part of their "gold collection" and costs 31,500 Yen each (BAM). Yuri's is made of 10 carat yellow gold and rubies while the Leon one is made of 10 carat white gold and sapphire. Now available at Lalabit Market for pre-order (Japan only).

Tales of Xillia 2 shirts. Also available at Lalabit.

Tales of Xillia 2 - Ludger's pouch. Also at Lalabit

This exhibition was done a day before the actual Tales of Festival. The Festival isn't happening yet, officially speaking.

Pictures mainly from lunawings and ladyusada from Tumblr who are both currently at the event. Thanks!

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