New Tales of Graces Scan - New Character + New Downloadable Mini Game

This newly revealed scan reveals more info for Tales of Graces, specifically, a new (the seventh) character and a downloadable mini game for the Nintendo DS.
RichardRichard (?????, richaado)
VA: Daisuke Namikawa
"You really are special. Truly it means you are a friend I can place my trust in."
-- The Prince of the Frontier Kingdom of Windol, the country where Asbel is currently living in. He has a peace-loving personality and has earned the respect of all people throughout the nation. He places tremendous trust and fellowship in Asbel ever since they were just children.

His styles seem to be that of a Fine Sword Technique and Strike Artes. The second one is said to be really effective against human-type enemies.

Kamenin MerchantMini Game "Kamenin Merchant" (??????????kamenin maachanto, Turtle Person Merchant. "Kamenin" is similar to the Japanese term for the word "Katz", which is "Nekonin").
-- This mini game can be downloaded to and played in your Nintendo DS. The game operates like a mini action game, wherein the Kamenin stocks up on items from the dungeon it is exploring in. Wireless play will allow up to four players to play at a time. Still no news on how this will be connected to Graces, however.

... So SV, you now have a Tales character with the same name as you... -envy- XD. Incidentally, my father's name is Richard and my little brother is Richard Jr.

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