New Tales of Vesperia PS3 Info + ToV ~The First Strike~ Gallery Update

Some people in Japan already have their hands on their copies of Tales of Vesperia PS3, and here are a few tidbits you might like to know:

added to OP 1 added to OP 2
The opening movie is almost exactly the same as before, with the two scenes of Patty above added near the end. Of course, they couldn't have just inserted her scenes in... so they had to delete a scene to fit them in... Specifically, these scenes of Rita:

removed from OP 1 removed from OP 2

InstallAt the title menu of the game, the game will require you to install 3.36GB worth of data to your PS3's hard drive. This is a somewhat common thing in PS3 games, since loading some data from your hard drive instead of the disc significantly lessens game's loading time.

The mini-game featuring Repede is called "Border/Boarder Repede". There seem to be a lot of courses available for it.

And finally, some of the currently known trophies for the game:
- Perform 150-hit Combo
- Achieve More Than 100 Hours of Game Time
- Move For a Total of 5000km
- Defeat 1000 Enemies
- Earn 100,000 Chips
- Earn 10,000,000 Gald
- Obtain All Skits
- Have a Character at Level 200
- Snow Border/Boarder (from the Repede mini-game)
- Secret Mission 1
- Complete Titles
- Complete World Map
- Complete Monster Book
- Complete Collector's Book

There's also news going around about Flynn being a permanent party member near the end of the game, though I can't be sure.

ToV Movie Artwork ToV Movie Better Screenshots
Lastly, the gallery for Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ has been updated with new (or better quality) artwork and better quality screenshots. Click the thumbnails above to visit their respective albums.

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