New Tales of Graces Scans - New Costume Titles, Mini-Game and Chat Art

A total of eight new scans from VJump regarding Tales of Graces have surfaced, revealing to us a bunch of new character costumes for the characters, names of the previously shown swimsuit costume titles, a new mini-game and more cut-ins art of the game's Groovy Chat system.
Scan1Scan2These scans contain a bunch of new costume titles for the characters, as well as the names of the swimsuit costume titles shown a while back. Again, no costumes available for Richard have been shown. The names of the titles are as follows:
Asbel: Quasi Knight ( ????, jun kishikou)
Sophie: Gothic Lolita ( ????????, goshikku roriita)
Cheria: Pure White Daughter ( ?????, junpaku no reijou)
Hubert: Modern Style Youth ( ?????, gendai fuu wakamono)
Pascal: Free Woman ( ?????, jiyuu na kanojo)
Malik: Hot Soldier ( ??????, iketeru gunjin)

The swimsuit costume titles:
Asbel: Best/Vest Parkanist ( ?????????, besuto paakanisuto)
Sophie: Cat Girl ( ????, neko shoujo)
Cheria: Waterside Angel ( ?????, mizube no tenshi)
Hubert: Double Glasses/Megane ( ???????, daburu meganee)
Pascal: Underwater Diver ( ???????, suichuu daibaa)
Malik: Lifesaver ( ???????, raifuseibaa)

Scan3The lower portion of this scan talks about a new mini-game called Seed Gathering. The main idea of the mini-game is to collect these seeds scattered throughout the world and plant them in the flower bed by Cheria's house. Growing these seeds will get you some items. As an example shown in the scan, the player got a Judas Carta card from it.


Scan4Scan5The first scan of the two contain new cut-in and chibi images of the game's Groovy Chat system. The second scan confirms the mini-game Kamenin Merchant to be available for download as a DSiWare game beginning December 2, 2009. It will cost 200 DSi Points. So, aside from getting it directly from your copy of Graces, you can download it in advance by Dec. 2.


Scan5 Scan6 Scan8
The rest of the scans just contain old information about the game. The scans have the characters' status illustrations and Blast Caliber cut-ins, including Richard's status art, which had not been revealed up until now.

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