Send a Question to Mutsumi Inomata or a Graces Fanart for the Official Guide!

Want to know something about Mutsumi Inomata and send her a question about it? How about sending in a Graces-themed piece of fanart? Well, how about having it published in the Tales of Graces Official Guide?
The Tales of Graces official site has been updated with a new page telling us just that. Starting today until December 4, 2009, we are welcome to send questions for Mutsumi Inomata, the character designer for Tales of Graces (... and a majority of the other games, of course). You can also send in fanart or illustrations of Graces characters done by you. Click the button at the bottom left of the page to send a question, the button at the bottom right of the page to send an illustration. For the questions page, the first field is for your desired nickname and the second field is for your question. Click the button below this when done to be shown a preview of your message. Once sure if it, click the button at the left to send it or the button at the right to return to your message and edit it. For the art, browse your PC for the art to upload and click the button. You will then be asked for a nickname. Click the button at the right to continue... and then you will be asked to confirm your nickname again. Click the button at the right to confirm.

The questions and illustrations will be published in the upcoming Tales of Graces Official Complete Guide, along with Inomata-san's answers to the questions. Those who will send in their questions and/or artworks will receive this special Asbel and Sophie wallpaper, available in these two sizes:

1600x1200 | 1280x1024

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