Radiant Mythology 2 Updates + Site Updates~

Before I utilize my "wake-up-early-to-study-for-today's-chemistry-test" tactic, here're some updates XD.
Three new videos have been added to the Radiant Mythology 2 site. The first two are of the job classes, one of the Swordsman class, the other of the Mage class. The last one is a video of the player utilizing the shops on the Van Eltia. Kind of reminds me of Eternia a lot... Ah I miss playing that... -loads PS1-

As for site updates, the high quality version of Bouken Suisei (YES it's name is Bouken "Suisei" not Bouken "Houkiboshi" >_>) has been added to the Tales of the Abyss audio page. It's 8MB, so I kept the LQ version link up in case you want the smaller file size. Other site update: this month's AMV of the Month is now up! I highly suggest you watch it! It's not exactly an AMV, but it's really good, and fits the Holidays real nicely~

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