New Tales of Innocence R Anime Cutscene And In-Game Screenshots

Amazon Japan has begun accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Tales of Innocence R for the PlayStation Vita and has also released a couple of new in-game and anime cutscene screenshots.


The first image was in Amazon JP as a placeholder for the game's boxart. Itmight actually be the boxart, but it seems a bit incomplete. Either it may get filled with the other characters in the future, or it's really just there as a place holder. Usually, we have the character designers illustrate the boxarts, anyway. The second anime cutscene shot was previously revealed in these scans. In the first in-game screen, we get to see how Conway looks in battle.

Play-Asia has also opened pre-orders. Order the game now!

Out of curiosity though, may I know who are actually planning to buy the game? (and a PSVita, for that matter)

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