New Tales of Graces TGS '09 Gameplay Footage + New ToV PS3 PSN Download

Two new videos of Tales of Graces' in Tokyo Game Show 2009 have surfaced today. The first one is just a short video of the Tales of Graces area in Namco Bandai Games' booth, while the other is a video of actual gameplay of Tales of Graces (from Dengeki Online and GameTrailers, respectively).

Dengeki Online Tales of Graces TGS 09 Footage GameTrailers Tales of Graces TGS 09 Footage
Focusing on the video from GameTrailers, we now see a more detailed view of how battle works in the game.

Aside from the numbers representing the CC right below the face portraits of characters in battle, a gauge can be found under Asbel's HP bar, though we still don't know what it's actually for. Rpgmonkey from the Official Tales Series Forums observed that the gauge decreases when the player is hit by an enemy, and it increases as the player deals damage. He also noticed that the player can do more damage if the gauge is full and deal less if it's low.

There is also this dual gauge that can be found at the left, and it fills up in two directions, upward and downward. It's still unsure exactly what makes what part of the gauge fill up, but filling it up in one direction (well, in the video's case, the downward gauge colored red) makes the player go into a mode called "Arles Break", and it looks a bit similar to Overlimit Mode, except with an actual timer that appears at the upper left this time around. More info on this when more news comes up.

Other than that, the animations are looking very fluid and well done. The transition between the actual battle and its end looks similar to the Team Destiny games have it, and they actually fit the game well. In my opinion, this is the best I've seen so far for any Tales game.

New ToV PS3 PSN DownloadIn other news, starting October 1, 2009, a new download from the PlayStation Network called "Movie Narikiri Costume" will be available for Tales of Vesperia PS3. These will probably be title costume for Yuri with him in his knight armor from the movie, but it could probably be another costume, like Estelle's dress in the movie. Whatever it will be is still not revealed. Said download will be available for 300 Yen.

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