New Tales of Vesperia Info + Tales of Rebirth Wallpaper Up

That previous interview of Gouda Tsutomu and Higuchi Yoshito in the Famitsu magazine and the video is now up in text from Thanks to Rpgmonkey from the Tales Forums, a bit of new stuff is actually revealed about the game. I did a little of translating myself, so click the Full Story to read it.

|| Yuri really is the one who started the guild called Brave Vesperia. He leads it, along with his friends. He named it after a star in their world.

|| Aside from the "Blastia" which we know to be the relic that produces the barriers around the towns, another word has popped up, the "Earu" (EARU in romaji). The Earu is basically the source of all things and life in the game. They need the Earu to survive, but having too much of it can poison you. The monsters have become ferocious because of an over-exposure to the Earu, therefore the Blastias became needed. The Blastias are from a gem called the "Core," which was discovered in ruins dating back from ancient times. The Blastia is then put on a pedestal, a ritual is done, and different effects appear according to who uses it or what technique is used with it. Said Cores come in various sizes and shapes, and the ritual controlling it can change the effects. Apparently, the people of the world are divided into those who fight and don't fight, and those who use Blastias for fighting are different.

|| It seems the Blastia is also part of the battle system, called the Field Blastia. Yuri's Blastia is on the bangle on his left wrist, and is also in various types. These Field Blastias have the stats or attributes for the character so having them equipped can earn stats or attributes with a certain effect (similar to Capacity Cores or Exspheres, whichever you prefer). In the same manner, weapons also hold skills within them, and having some unique weapons equipped will have you eventually learn these skills through leveling up.

|| Blastias are everywhere, but are not sold in shops. The main guilds do offer them though.

|| Speaking of the guilds, Yuri's Brave Vesperia isn't the only one around. There are a lot of guilds, mostly part of what they call the Guild Union. This is where normal people who can't venture outside the city barriers submit requests, and the guild, with experienced fighters, will be the ones to risk their lives to fulfill them. Mostly, researchers and merchants are the ones who file requests. And Brave Vesperia, is not part of the Guild Union.

|| Yuri can use axes in addition to swords, and Estelle can use wands in addition to swords.

|| Estelle didn't just never leave the castle, but was never allowed to leave it. According to my translation, she's under some kind of "house arrest," but I'm still not sure on this one... Despite this, she was still educated and trained in sword fighting and the healing arts.

|| The game will have cooking, of course.

|| The girl with the goggles is someone who understands technical stuff, and easily deciphers ancient terminals. People like her are quite rare in their world.

And since it's the 27th, the Tales of Rebirth survey wallpaper is now up in the gallery.

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This month's AMV of the Month is back on air. Thank heavens for PhotoBucket. And I'm finishing up the Vesperia page right now. =)

And on a completely unrelated note I just got my grades, and yay I keep my scholarship XDD

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