New Tales of Vesperia Scan~

Thanks to Kasn from the Official Tales Forums, we have a new Weekly Shonen Jump scan of Tales of Vesperia. 

The scan shows the colored official artworks of the hero and heroine, plus some screenshots and character info. As well all know, the hero's name is Yuri, and now, it is revealed that the heroine's name is Esther/Estelle/Ester (katakana read as ESUTERU). From the screencap, her name is written as Estellize(katakana read as ESUTERIIZE) From what I could make out from the scan...

>> Yuri
- A knight of the kingdom who quit his work because of some conflicts in their goverment, and is now working as a hired mercenary. He dislikes the nobility and the aristocrats, and is cynical when it comes to them, despite that, he's actually good-natured. He meets Estelle when he gets arrested in the castle.

>> Estelle
- A retainer working as a healer in the castle who has pink hair. She meets Yuri when he gets arrested and taken to the castle.

And yes, it really is for the XBox 360. Sale date and price still undetermined.

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