New Tales of Xillia Scans - Idolm@ster Costume DLC Price and Release Date

Two new scans have been released for Tales of Xillia today. Though they focus more on the Idolm@ster costumes, the scans also have info on the other DLC costumes' prices and release dates.


Luckily, it looks like not all of the DLC costumes will be sticking to the 500 Yen each price:

Idolm@ster costumes (Milla, Leia and Elise) - Sept. 15, 2011 release; 300 Yen each
Swimsuit costumes (all 6) - Sept. 15, 2011 release; 300 Yen each
School costumes (all 6) - Sept. 29, 2011 release; 300 Yen each

Of course, there are still these:

Star Driver costumes (all 6) - Sept. 8, 2011 release; 500 Yen each
Butler and maid costumes (all 6) - No date and price yet

Hopefully, the butler and maid set won't cost as much as the Star Driver ones.

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