New Tales of Xillia Videos - Story and System PVs Plus More

The promised 4th set of scenario/story and system trailers for Tales of Xillia are now up, as well as new character and system videos.

[PS3] Tales of Xillia PV 4 - System Trailer

The system trailer introduces the characters one by one and shows off their battle styles. A small glimpse of Jude's Hi-Ougi is also shown near the end. You'll notice that all six party members come out during the victory pose at the end of a battle, though I'm not sure if this will apply to all battles every time. One amazing feature shown is the way you can actually modify the accessories: their size, their position on a character, their angle, these can all be modified to your liking.

[PS3] Tales of Xillia PV 4 - Scenario/Story Trailer

The somewhat dramatic story trailer focuses a bit more on Jude. We also finally get to see a bit more of that white-haired girl in the box art, though we don't really learn much, just that she's connected to Jude somehow. In the trailer, Jude's mainly brooding over not being able to protect everyone, and somewhat struggling that he can or cannot do so.

[PS3] Tales of Xillia Character Video - Elise

[PS3] Tales of Xillia System Video - Skills

The official Tales of Xillia site has also been updated with the character profiles of King Gaius's Four Beast Blades, namely Wingull, Presa, Jiao and Agria (official names). Rowen's character video isn't up yet, so we'll be expecting at least one more update from the site in the future. For now, here are Elise's wallpapers:

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