New Tales of Xillia Scans - Swimsuits, Attachments, Milla's Hi-Ougi & More

Today's magazine scans that have surfaced reveal a whole ton of new info for Tales of Xillia. The party's getting a bunch of new swimsuit costumes and interesting new attachments, get to see a bit of Milla's Hi-Ougi, and get to know more about the recently revealed NPCs.

The above scans show the party's new swimsuit costumes DLC and their new attachments. The swimsuit costumes are looking pretty normal (save probably Rowen's), and not to mention, hot. Leia even gets a tan for her costume. The costumes seem to come with their own set of attachments. For the attachments, we get our usual set of hats and glasses, plus a cameo of Tales of Vesperia's Baul in the form of a hat (on Jude) and as a shoulder accessory (on Milla).

This scan reveals Milla's Hi-Ougi, Supreme Elements ( ?????????? ) and her Hi-Ougi cut-in illustration. By the name, it makes use of the four elements in a bright and powerful display of elemental attacks. We also get a few new screens on Jude's Hi-Ougi, Final Fury (Satsugeki Bukouken). We're sure to see the others' Hi-Ougis in the near future. UPDATE: Added two new scans.

We now have scans and new info on King Gauis's people, named collectively as the Shishoujin/The Four Beast Blades ( ??? ). Translations are courtesy of Aeneid.

-Carries the title of ‘needle’ in the Shishoujin.
-A genius who is powerful in using spirits, but had a very bitter past. As a result, her heart is full of bitterness and anger towards the world.
-Once she becomes batshit crazy (lit. blows off her top), Agria turns reckless and becomes a troublemaker.

22 years old, 168 cm
-Carries the title ‘fang’ in the Shishoujin.
-With a beautiful appearance and a bewitching gesture, she talks to her opponents as if to mock/make fun of them.
-As an operative/spy, she has been successful in secretly manipulating a part of the population, the nobility and high ranking officials.
-Has deep connections with Alvin and harbors love-hate feelings for him.

Age: 28, 175 cm
-Leader of the ‘Shishoujin’.
-His name means ‘wings’, which also doubles as his title.
-As he is King Gaius’ right hand man, he also handles A Jule’s administrative and military affairs. He is also the brains behind A Jule’s military tactics.
-He is usually calm, and speaks intellectually, but when it’s time to fight, Wingar’s personality becomes violent and rude. His lines become mixed/tainted with his native language.

Age: 42, 250 cm
-Carries the title ‘horn’ in the Shishoujin.
-He treats both enemies and allies in a light-hearted manner.
-He manipulates monsters at will, for he carries a unique ability to control monsters from his family line/tribe.
-Because of his unusual ability and large build, in the past, people were wary of him. Jao spent his days as a loner, becoming a ruffian in the process. He became the person he is today after encountering and losing to King Gaius.

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