New Tales of Xillia Scans - New Key Characters, Shop Build & 360° Camera

Four new scans from Famitsu Magazine introduce two new key characters in Tales of Xillia, the Shop Build system and a 360° revolving camera.

The first scan introduces a character everyone is probably familiar with by now from the ToF 2011 scenario trailer. The man with the cross-shaped scar on the face is named Nachtigal I. Fan ( ???????I????, nahatigaru i fan ) and is voiced by H?ch? ?tsuka, 52 years old and 190cm tall. He is the current king of La Schugall and initiated a dictatorship in order to fulfill his ambition of unifying the world. Though he was originally just the third prince, but after subjugating his older brothers' rebellion, he ascended to the throne. He used to be part of the military when he was younger.

This other new character we've never seen before. This young man, named Ibal ( ???, ibaru ), 16 years old, 165cm tall and voiced by Showtaro Morikubo has been under Milla's service ever since he was young. He is like a priest or spirit medium of Maxwell in a way, and addresses Milla as "Milla-sama" (Master Milla). He is apparently good in skills using dual blades. I'm not sure if he's playable at all, though.


A new feature of the game is also introduced. Shop Buildallows the player to give raw materials to shops in order to earn Growth Points. Collecting enough will make the shop level up, making their wares available at cheaper prices. Some fixed levels allow new commodities may become available. It seems points are allocated for each item, and not to the shop as a whole itself.


The last scan confirms what we speculated on a couple of months ago. The game has the feature of having a full 360-degree point of view even in places such as towns and dungeons. Another feature is Random Treasure, which is basically the same as search points.

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