A Part of Tales of Xillia's 4th Story Trailer Got Leaked

Though not yet due until tomorrow, a small portion of the expected Tales of Xillia trailer has just been leaked, which was apparently already playing in one video game shop in Japan.

Tales of Xillia PV4 Story Trailer (Portion, LQ)

The PV shows a measly 30+ seconds of the scenario/story trailer and is really low in quality. As expected, the trailer is a bit Jude-centric, and shows a bunch of new scenes we've never seen before, particularly what seems to be Leia comforting or cheering up Jude and Alvin pointing his gun at him. The whole trailer apparently has a BGM arrange of progress, and is quite dramatic.

We'll update this post if more bits of the trailer come up, and we'll most probably make a new post once the HQ ones are live.

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