Scan Reveals New Tales of Xillia Character - Lohen J. Ilbert

Scans from VJump magazine reveal a new and possibly the last main character for the PlayStation 3's Tales of Xillia - Lohen J. Ilbert

Lohen J. Ilbert (romanization not yet official, rooen J iruberuto), to be voiced by Mugihito Terada, is another character designed by Mutsumi Inomata. He is a 62-year old esteemed butler of the Schall (????, shaaru) family of nobles. Despite his always calm demeanor, he can occasionally make jokes to soften things up when the atmosphere gets too tense.

The following info has not been confirmed because there is no scan yet, but considering that the above info came out with this even before a scan was out, it's most probably also true. His battle style involves him using artes from long distances, and using a sabre when he gets close to the enemies. His special ability is to control his artes after they have already been cast, allowing him to do additonal operations to them.

This other scan, which are said to be commemorative entry tickets to the JR Shikoku trains, shows what seems to be a group picture of the Tales of Xillia characters. Assuming the part being covered up is Lohen's spot, it appears Tales of Xillia will only have six main characters.

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