Tales of the Abyss Anime North American Release Will Be In JP Audio With English Subs

It seems the NA release of the Tales of the Abyss anime by Bandai Entertainment will be having the original Japanese audio, coupled only by English subs.

ToAThe NA release of the first volume of the anime, due to come out this June 7, 2011, will be featuring no English dubs, and will instead be just the original Japanese audio dub with optional English subs. This first volume will contain the anime's first seven episodes, as well as a textless version of the first version of the opening movie.

Also, as we reported previously, a special limited edition version of volume 1 will be available, and will include the first volume of the ToA: Asch the Bloody manga.

Bandai Entertainment has opened up an official subpage for the anime. The regular and limited edition versions of the 1st volume are now available in their store. Amazon.com also lists the two products: Regular Edition | Limited Edition

Lastly, Bandai Entertainment has also released a short trailer for the anime:

Tales of the Abyss Official Trailer

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