Tales of Chronicle - Tales of Series 15th Anniversary Official Artbook

This March 10, Namco Bandai will be releasing a 276-page full color artbook featuring the Tales of Series history, the Tales of Chronicle

So what will be in the book? It'll mainly feature most official artworks from all currently available Tales games, including character models, town and area illustrations and even the hi-ougi/mystic arte cut-ins available. Also included are some never before seen game development artworks and those that were supposed to be used in the games, but didn't exactly make it to them. Even beta artworks of some characters are there. Story and System information regarding the games are also available.

Interviews with all of the succeeding voice actors of the heroes and heroines of the games and with character designers Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata are also in. There are also handwritten messages from them. Aside from this, interviews with the game producers, Production I.G, the game development staff and a history on how Namco Tales Studio came to be can also be read.

Tales of Chronicle will be released this March 10, 2011 for 2,940 Yen. It is currently available on Amazon.jp
. A little sneak peek is also available.

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