Tales of Festival 2023 Advanced Sale of Goods Now Open Until April 9

Get your goods!

Get your Tales of Festival 2023 goods preordered via Asobi Store!

The Tales of Festival 2023 goods are now open for advanced sales or preorders via Asobi Store beginning today, March 31st, until April 9th. Chibi artwork featuring the characters have also been released, each featuring a t-shirt of their game mascot and their game-specific themed bracelets, which are also available as goods for preorder:

The goods are divided into three:

  • Event Goods - include your usual official event pamphlet book, light stick, shirts, acrylics, can badges, etc that seem to be more focused on the game mascots, among other things.
  • Special Goods which include game-specific themed bracelets and scarves
  • Character Goods which include a series of goods such as an acrylic stand, round fans, stickers, coasters, keychains and towels centered on a specific character announced for the Festival

The goods will be shipped out late May 2023. As usual, this is via Asobi Store which is Japan-only, but you may order via a proxy. We personally recommend FromJapan.

In addition, some goods, such as the can badges/tin badges, are pre-sold as a set only, but will be available at the venue per piece and random. Also, the current character goods line up includes characters that have been announced for the Festival. Future characters that have yet to be announced (the latest update on voice actors that will be guests at the Festival is not the final list) may be added to the pre-sale, or as venue-only goods.

Tales of Festival 2023 is scheduled to be held on June 10 to 11, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) and will be held once again at Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan.

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