Tales of Innocence R, Tempest and Hearts Might Be Part Of One Universe Now

Because everything is more fun when it's more confusing.

Ever since the infamous "Next Re-imagination" message that Tales of Innocence R had when the game was finished, a lot of new rumors and (actually sort of sensible) speculations regarding the possible remakes for Tales of the Tempest and Tales of Hearts have popped up. Here's a chronological collection of all the rumors so far, as well as some new ones that might interest you.

First off, upon the end of Tales of Innocence R, this message comes up, hinting that another remake or "re-imagination" is possibly already in the works:

Within Innocence R is the extra dungeon, "Triverse Gate". Within the dungeon, various artwork featuring Tales of the Tempest and Tales of Hearts were found, possibly hinting that the next remakes will be that of the two games.

Tales of the Tempest

Tales of Hearts

Since the name of the extra dungeon in Innocence R is "Triverse Gate", people think it means that there really will be three re-imaginations: Innocence R, plus possibly a Tales of the Tempest R and Tales of Hearts R.

But then, another interesting theory came up. This might contain spoilers for those who have not played Innocence R specifically. Read at your own risk:

Innocence R introduced to us two new characters: QQ and Kongwai. These two characters, for some reason, were both from two different worlds. At first, we thought that them being from different worlds was to ensure that they wouldn't have to change Innocence's story so much. But...

In Innocence R, QQ claims that she came from a world where "humans and beasts were fighting each other."

So, "Triverse Gate". What if this place wasn't just some sort of dungeon, but is actually a "Gate" between worlds? Three worlds, to be exact.

The current main theory about the remakes is that... Namco Bandai possibly plans to make the worlds of Innocence R, Tempest and Hearts into an interconnected Triverse, as connected by the Triverse Gate. QQ then possibly came from the world of Tales of the Tempest, which leaves Kongwai to possibly have come from the world of Tales of Hearts.

So, if ever Tempest R and Hearts R do come into fruition, some people are thinking that if it'll follow the pattern of Innocence R getting two characters, they will also get two new characters. But possibly, it would be QQ plus a new character in Tempest R, and Kongwai plus another in Hearts R.

Again, these are all but theories/rumors.

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