Tales of Festival Day One News Round-up: Character Ranking Results, Arise Online Theater, New Merchandise

Lots of new merchandise coming our way!

Here's a round-up of the news from Day One of Tales of Festival! This includes the minor announcements that did not need its own individual post.

Day One of Tales of Festival has just ended. Abyssal Chronicles staff Momo and DimensionSlip were there earlier as part of the Press. Here's a round-up of all the things announced:

Tales of Character Popularity Ranking Poll Overall Ranking

Dohalim knocks Mikleo off the throne, taking the crown in the Official Tales of Series Character Popularity Ranking Poll for 2021! Mikleo is now 2nd, and Alphen at 3rd! Check out the full list here in its dedicated news post.

Tales of Arise Online Theater: Liberators Announced, for March 2022

Tales of the Stage is back, this time with Tales of Arise! Tales of Arise Online Theater: Liberators ~The Liberators Entrusted With Hope~ has been announced. The stage play will be delivered online via Asobi Stage on March 26 and 27, 2022 and tells the story of Arise from different viewpoints in the characters' past, not told in the original story from the game. In addition, there have been hints that this may be a worldwide release! Check out the cast list, trailer and story summary here in its dedicated news post.

New Tales of Dream Project Released Today with New Song and Covers

A new CD under the Tales of Dream Project line-up has just been released today, featuring a new song by the Tales of Dreamers and new Tales openings covered by various voice actors! Order the CD here at CDJapan, or you can check out more details at our dedicated news post.

Tales of Series ~25th Anniversary Box Set~ Pre-orders Open

An upcoming Tales of Series 25th anniversary exclusive merchandise has been announced. The Tales of Series ~25th Anniversary Box Set~ is exclusive to Asobi Store and contains summaries about the series, contained in roughly 700 pages of content divided into four A4-size books. The set includes:

  • Characters Book
  • Artworks Collection
  • Tales of Series Reference Materials Collection
  • Tales of Arise Setting Materials

The collection is scheduled to be released on March 2022. Pre-orders are currently open at Asobi Store (Japan only) for 16,000 Yen. Since Asobi Store is Japan-only, you will need a friend in Japan to order for you or a proxy. We personally recommend From Japan.

Note: The book design is currently a work in progress and may change in the final product.

Tales of Festival 2021 Blu-ray

The blu-ray for the ongoing Tales of Festival 2021 has been announced for a release on May 27, 2022. The blu-ray will be sold at 13,200 Yen, and will contain events from both days, along with a box with art illustrated by ufotable. Pre-orders are currently open at Asobi Store for a regular edition, and a special edition that includes an F6-size canvas art of the main visual and 14 pieces of can badges.

Tales of Festival 2021 x AsoBeauty Cosmetics

Featuring artwork by Mutsumi Inomata, AsoBeauty will be releasing a lip tint and eyeshadow set inspired by the Tales of Festival 2021 cast. Pre-orders open tomorrow, November 21 at Asobi Store.

Tales of Arise Pastel Collection Merchandise by Sanrio

New merchandise featuring adorable illustrations of the Tales of Arise cast by Sanrio will start pre-orders tomorrow, November 21st, and will last until December 19, 2021. To those who missed them, Sanrio also designed new LINE stickers featuring the Tales of Arise cast. Pre-orders will open at Asobi Store.

Tales of Festival 2021 Memorial Goods

More goods featuring the Tales of Festival 2021 character illustrations will open pre-orders tomorrow at Asobi Store. Yes, this includes those lovely and comfy-looking Hootle slippers. Pre-orders will end on December 12.

And that ends the news round-up for Tales of Festival 2021 Day One! No new game news, unfortunately, but let's still look forward to Day Two! A more detailed rundown of events for each Tales of Festival 2021 Day will be released within the week!

For a list of all news posts under Tales of Festival 2021 Day One, click here!

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