Tales of Graces f Gets a Limited Edition Package From LalaBit Market

If you thought Tales of Graces f's price would give you a run for your money, wait till you take a look at the limited edition package that LalaBit Market is offering.This limited edition package available only at LalaBit is being called the "King of Windol's Letter Package" and will be sold for a whopping 13,800 Yen (roughly $166)

Included in the package are the following:
- Tales of Graces f game.
- Memorial Book Box
- Asbel Lhant Official Duties Feather Pen (ballpen, actually)
- Asbel Lhant Official Duties Feather Pen Stand
- Windol Kingdom Official Business Formal Stationery (15 pieces)
- Windol Kingdom Official Business Envelopes (5 pieces)
- Windol Kingdom Crest Sticker Seal (6 pieces)
- A letter from Richard to Asbel
- A Closophie Flower Bookmark

If you will preorder this package, you will also receive the three pre-order bonuses available if you preorder just the normal edition of the game (the Dramatic DVD, the costume titles and PS3 custom theme download codes).

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