Tales of Graces f Mystery Character Finally Revealed - Little Queen

The lovely purple-haired girl in the recent Tales of Graces f trailer, who has been a mystery to us all, has finally been detailed. Well, almost. Her description still shrouds her in mystery, so not much is really revealed in this new scan. We do however finally get info on Hubert and Pascal's new Blast Calibers.

Little Queen
The new character, who will show herself before Asbel and the others in one of the new dungeons, Otherworld Paradise, is named "Little Queen" (ritoruku?n, ??????? ). She supposedly is able to speak to and contact Sophie through her heart. It is unknown where she comes from and what her objective is.

Hubert's new BC is named ?????????? (ranverusu rezonand Pascal's new BC is ??????????? (dor?musutoraikaazuDream Strikers). Previews of them can be seen in the scan.

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