New Tales of Graces TGS '09 Gameplay Footage From Wii Italia - Blast Calibers

The footage just keeps coming. This new video is from Wii Italia, and you can view it here in their site. Since the stream is somewhat laggy for some PCs, you can also view the video in our YouTube channel (click the image above).

Tales of Graces TGS 09 Wii Italia Gameplay

The dual gauges at the left serve for two things: Filling up the bottom red gauge will let the player enter Arles Break mode, though it's still unclear what happens exactly during Arles Break. Filling up the upper blue gauge will let the player enter Arles Rise mode. During this mode, a new gauge, similar to Tales of Vesperia's Overlimit gauge, will take the place of the dual gauge. Blast Calibers (hi-ougis) can then be activated by pressing the L button during this mode. In the video, you will see Asbel perform a Blast Caliber (with cut-in).

Screen1 Screen2 Screen3 Screen 4
Aside from that, Around Step is performed by pressing the Y button + movement of the analog stick. Skits are activated by pressing the minus button. Above is a screenshot of what the main menu looks like, as well as a shot of Asbel's status art. More screenshots have been added here.

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