Tales of Graces Site Update - New Character, Bonus DVD and Interview Videos

The Tales of Graces official site has been updated today with two new character videos for Asbel Lhant and Sophie. In addition, we are treated to a short preview of the Dramatic DVD pre-order bonus contents, namely the "Yappari Tales of in TGS09 Digest" and the Special Drama "You Want to Be an Adult?".

Asbel Lhant - Character Video #3 Sophie - Character Video #2 Yappari Tales of in TGS09 Preview
Special Drama Preview Special Interview - Takahiro Sakurai
The latter videos mentioned have no audio for some reason. The last video is an interview with Takahiro Sakurai, Asbel's voice actor, where he talks about his character and various other topics. Said video has been up in the net for a while now, actually.

In Asbel's video, we have Malik telling everyone how Asbel would always worry and talk about his younger brother (Hubert most likely) when he first came to the Knights' Academy. In Sophie's, we have Asbel asking if she wants to tag along with Cheria and him.

New Screenshots From 4GamerTo those who missed them from our Twitter, we have put up 57 new game screenshots of ToG from 4Gamer. They cover the swimsuit costumes, the Veigue cameo in Riot Park, the Carta mini-game, the modes of transportation in the game, Cheria's BoA costume and Asbel and Sophie's Blast Calibers.

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